Check out the research opportunities supported through the Truman MOLSAMP Scholars program! To learn more about becoming a MOLSAMP scholar or applying for a research opportunity, please contact us by email at or by calling 660-785-7252 to speak with LaVada Rice, our Academic Advisor for the MOLSAMP Program.

Fall 2020 Opportunity – We are fortunate enough to offer 2-3 Fall 2020 student research stipends! To be considered, all materials must be submitted to by 5 p.m. Friday, May 1, 2020. A confirmation email will be sent upon receipt. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please follow up on your application with us. The office will not be responsible for emails not coming through or you not following up on your application.

Undergraduate research is faculty mentored, self-directed work that enables you to explore an area of interest in your discipline and communicate your findings with others. Your research will involve inquiry, design, investigation, data analysis, writing, and presenting your results. MOLSAMP scholars will have an opportunity to present their research at both the Truman Student Research Conference and the MOLSAMP Annual Research Symposium. Scholars who meet the noted criteria and submit all required documentation will be considered for funding. Students who are selected for the opportunity will be provided a $750 stipend for the semester for which the work is completed. This stipend assumes 4-5 hours per week of research work, though more or less may be required as a result of the nature of the research being conducted. Projects will be considered using the review form found here. If approved, scholars must complete additional steps to ensure payroll and other employment items are set up correctly with the MOLSAMP program before beginning the project.

Applicant Requirements

  1. Official Participation in the Truman MOLSAMP program for at least one full academic semester prior to request – The scholar will have participated in regular advising meetings and willingly accepted feedback from the office, making reasonable attempts to follow through with office recommendations.
  2. Good Standing – The scholar will show progress in their academic major, including development of an academic course plan.
  3. Grade level status – Completion of one full academic year at Truman, or one full semester at Truman if a transfer student, as defined by Truman.

Application Requirements

A. Description of the overall project (500-word maximum, not including references, budget, or IRB/IACUC plan):

  1. A research project description, including:
    • A research question or line of inquiry,
    • The rationale for researching the question,
    • A description of the methodology or research plan that is appropriate to the scope of the proposed project, and
    • A timeline outlining all activities that will be completed.
  2. Description of the educational benefits for the student (2-4 sentences)
  3. References that are relevant to the proposed research

B. Budget (one-page maximum)

  1. An itemized table outlining expenses relevant to the project. This does not include the student stipend of $750.
  2. A brief budget justification

Note:  Examples of allowed budget expenses include research supplies and research-related travel. Additional justification should be included in the application materials if the budget exceeds $250 in materials and travel per semester. Students may not be dually compensated for research with academic credit and student institutional pay during the same semester. However, funds may be requested from one or more of the other budget categories.

C. IRB or IACUC Plan (only if the research involves human or animal subjects)

  1. A plan to acquire approval from the Institutional Review Board or the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee before the start of the research project
  2. A statement describing the status of the IRB or IACUC submission (in progress, approved, intending to apply by a certain date)
  3. Note: Funds will not be dispersed until IRB or IACUC approval is granted.

D. Student Résumé

E. Statement of Faculty Mentor Support

Suggested research projects must be under the direction and support of a faculty member. Faculty members should draft a brief statement addressing how they will mentor their student in research. This should include practical communication mechanisms (e.g., frequency and method of mentor-student meetings), how the mentor will train the student in research methods, and how the mentor will assess achievement of the student’s learning objectives. This support statement may be emailed to Ryan Miller, the MOLSAMP Program Academic Advisor, or provided in hard copy to the office.

Research Expectations

The student will participate timely in the completion of all necessary paperwork following research approval to ensure payroll and human resource paperwork is properly completed.The student will apply to present funded research at the Truman Student Research Conference and/or the MOLSAMP state-wide conference. Students that are funded will provide dissemination materials to MOLSAMP program in a format suitable for publication on the STEP Office website by the first day of the semester following the grant term or the last day of the semester that the student graduates, whichever is sooner. Examples include a powerpoint, a poster, a web-ready video describing or demonstrating the work, or a research progress report with an accompanying picture of the student. Funding of a research funding application for a second semester will depend on progress made in the first funding period.